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Latest Updates from Our Project:

The New Malkyrs
9 days ago – Fri, Aug 09, 2019 at 09:03:45 AM

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On the dawn of a new day, new powerful creatures emerged where the first almighty ones once appeared: six new Malkyrs. Like children true to their nature, they freed their imagination and starter to create and modify the world of Heptia, especially Denaria’s heart and the lands of the men and Enarion.

Attracted by their power, Enarion went directly to them. But even though the archangel’s power was almighty, it wasn’t enough to face six newborn Malkyrs. Enarion was defeated and had to use his influence to gather his brothers and sisters to deal with this new threat. All of them came and they started debating.

Enarion tried to convince his peers to eradicate the newcomers and their pathetic creations. He was being supported by Aguirel, Pleran and Narkalor. Atelir, despite the fact that she was heavily annoyed by Enarion’s behaviour, joined the army to preserve the balance of their world. Alven refused to take part in such a massive conflict and went back to his South.

Meanwhile, the six new Malkyrs were desperately trying to imitate life. They only managed to create golems and other low tier beings which were mere copies of the wonders created by the first Malkyrs. To re-establish an Order, each old god sent his own army on Denaria and Elek’s borders and formed the greatest army ever created.

The wind were vibrating under the wings of powerful dragons who left the “Orée”, and their screams afeared every close being.

From the North, came the “Iffrit Conclave”, lead by Aguirel, confident that they could destroy anything related to these newcomers. The roads of Elek started trembling under the Symbiosis’ legion stomping. Pleran came with a major part of his people as a goal to demonstrate its dominating power. Human armies were accompanied by angels, with Enarion at the top. Narkalor came with her diverse army composed of her champions, coming from all the people of Heptia.

Finally reunited, this enormous army engaged the fight against the new Malkyrs’ creations, tearing them apart without mercy. It didn’t take long for their creators to be shocked by such violence, and then the “Great Sorrow” began, as the armies went onward straight to the newborns.

But a Malkyr remains a Malkyr, and its power isn’t measurable. In their last moments of strength, they defended themselves with devotion and their best wildcard: their strong Will. Anything that dared to approach them ended up annihilated, wiping cycles and cycles of work.

In this doomed day, most of the beautiful creatures who inhabited this world vanished. The Symbiosis were being thrown away like feathers and few managed to find the road back to Elek. Narkalor’s army, as well as the dragons, couldn’t make it out alive either, and only the original Ifrits survived.

In front of such a disaster, the Malkyrs started to fight. Enarion wanted to lock in and dominate this new generation of Malkyrs, but he had lost Pleran’s support. Atelir, his sister, engaged the battle with her brother in order to avenge what her dragons had been through. This decision was followed by the greatest duel of this world, which lasted for many cycles, spreading chaos and destruction, but without any winner. The North of Heptia broke in half and the Sea of the Breach went wide open, splitting Paren’s lands from the continent.

At the end of this period, the new Malkyrs, shattered, wandered once again across the world in order to find a new balance.

See you next week for the next episode of our adventures in Heptia!

The Genesis of Heptia
15 days ago – Fri, Aug 02, 2019 at 10:23:52 PM

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Where does the history of Heptia really start? These information are still unknown. On the contrary, one thing is certain: the Original Era was born with six entities, six avatars, six gods who stepped first on this immaculate world.

Aguirel, Alven, Atelir, Enarion, Narkalor and Pleran. These are their names. They are the six original Malkyrs. Where are they coming from? What are they? This will remain a mystery. Though their powers are infinite. They hatched on the world like children, but capable of destroying mountains and create rivers. For an immense amount of time, they wandered. Travelling around the world, discovering it, creating or annihilating whatever amused them. Sadly, even almighty beings can end up being corrupted by the same evil: Solitude.

In fact, the only presence of these six singular entities on Heptia was not enough to make them feel complete. So they reunited, in order to create a grand and beautiful masterpiece, the biggest after the Malkyrs themselves: Life.

Each one of them added its personal touch: Enarion organized it, Alven animated it, Pleran gave it a soul, Aguirel gifted it a free will, Atelir allowed it to grow and Narkalor, who couldn’t agree with their creations being as powerful as them, gifted them a very special present: Death.

Enarion made the place where he and his brothers and sisters appeared his home, in the plains, where he meditated during many years on his vision of Heptia and life before creating the first Humans. Atelir wandered to the Far-East of the continent and settled within the “Sylve” with whom it was love at first sight. The “Sylve” then became the Eternal “Orée”, the oldest untouched Malkyrs’ domain. There, Atelir will give birth to the first monsters, who differed from the Malkyrs by body and soul: Dragons.

Alven settled on the Astrague’s archipelago, in the South, where he developed his knowledge on life manipulation.

Pleran created the first form of life while talking the Malkyrs themselves as a model: the Symbiosis. He told them the art of manipulating Will and created with them the antic Kingdom of Elek, spreading across the center of Heptia.

Aguirel left in the northern lands where he trained his ability to transform his Will in energy. He summoned life in order to create a few companions to whom he could transmit his knowledge and give a strong Will. Some of them are still part of this world, like the feared and well-known Vinh. With them, Aguirel transformed the North in a landscape of never-ending sunrise, lighting up to the territories of Enarion and Pleran. Finally, Narkalor travelled as a nomad on the entirety of Heptia, observing, fascinated by everything that the other Malkyrs had created. She taught her terrifying gifts to some of her students, one of them being the ancient Narun-Tal.

But with the presence of a multitude of lifeforms, discord had to emerge and the Malkyrs themselves got involved in terrible conflicts. Enarion, convinced of his superiority and his vision of the order, took the best on his brothers and sisters and tried to lead and advise them. Despite the disagreements, the Malkyrs managed to maintain peaceful relationships.

Everything could have continued eternally, if an event hadn’t disrupted the established order…

Would you like to have the next episode next week? Let us know in the comments if you appreciate this flashback on Heptia’s genesis!

Developer Update #0
23 days ago – Fri, Jul 26, 2019 at 05:10:18 AM

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Dear Backers,

This week, we are coming at you with a brand new format called “Developer Update”. This will consist of a short video focusing on some aspects of the game and telling you more about what’s happening at the studio. Each one of them will also answer the 5 most upvoted community questions, so be sure to join our Discord if you would like to participate (

As you will quickly notice, this first Dev Update is a pilot. We are aware that the video quality and other aspects are still to be improved, but we would love to hear your thoughts on this format to know if you’d like to see it more often.

Thanks a lot for your feedbacks, we hope you’ll enjoy discovering the life at the studio.

Click here to watch the Developer Update!

An Update on the Kickstarter
30 days ago – Fri, Jul 19, 2019 at 10:18:03 AM

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Dear Backers,

As we are getting close to the beginning of August, we would like to give you an update on the production and the incoming shipping of your pledges. We read and pay a close attention to what you are saying and asking about the game on community platforms, that is why today’s article should bring answers to many of your questions.

Regarding the production, as you already know, the initial shipping was planned on June 2019. After announcing a first delay 2 months ago, we can now give you more information on the upcoming schedule. 

Thanks to you all, the success of our Kickstarter campaign allowed us to start discussing with big international publishers. Where our previous partners wouldn’t have allowed us to produce all the cards needed for the launch of the game (approximately 1 million), we can now forecast a more dynamic future for Malkyrs with more cards, more expansions, features and support. Although, these negotiations have taken time and the product manufacturing has found itself stuck during the summer.

In this regard, the shipping of the Kickstarter pledges is delayed to November 2019. 

In the same time, we are working hard on the full release of the game, moved to November 2019 as well. As stated before, this will come with many additional features such as improved gameplay mechanics and an official Nintendo Switch version of the game. More information on this update will come very soon.

Keep in mind that our priority is to provide all the players with the perfect products, despite the fact that it might take some additional time. We will not make any compromise on quality and any added development time has the purpose to not rush the release of the game and provide the best experience for everyone once it comes out.

Once again, we thank you for your patience and your continued support. To get the freshest news, join us on the international Malkyrs Discord server ( and don’t hesitate to ask your questions in the comments below.

Lore - The Daeris
about 2 months ago – Fri, Jun 21, 2019 at 03:23:04 AM

 Hello ! 

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As you can imagine, this lore update is about daeris and their people: the symbiosis.

The symbiosis are the first species in the world of Heptia. They were created by the Malkyr Pleran, specialized in the mind and the will. In the past, the symbiosis people extended over the vast majority of Heptia's territories. Although they are still the most technologically advanced, the symbiosis are today only a shadow of its former self.

The first peculiarity of the symbiosis is the composition of their organism. The term symbiosis actually refers to two distinct types of organisms living in perfect harmony.

The first is the zörin. It is the skeleton, the body of the symbiosis which is frail and fragile but nevertheless agile.

The second is the növe. It looks like an almost intangible smoke and constantly twirling around the zörin. It is a swarm composed of billions of perfectly synchronized micro-organisms.

Although the növe can sometimes move and live without "host", it is impossible for a zörin to live without növe. The növe has extraordinary strength and can be used in many ways. Each type of symbiosis manipulates the novë in its own way. Daeris are able to project their növe very quickly around their body. They thus form the armed arm of the symbiosis legions. In combat, they use their növe to violently strike their enemies. The other big symbiosis castes use their növe differently. Some are able to perceive növe flows at a very long distance and are therefore assigned to the management of communication within the empire. Other castes also deal with creation, construction, etc.

Daeris are therefore the fastest symbiosis when they gather their növe to manipulate it. This is why daeris are considered as the mages of the symbiosis. This ability is respected throughout their empire.

And that's all for the daeris! So what champion do you want to know more about? Tell us in the comment section!